Call Centre Philippines

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused incredible destruction to the global economy and deprived many businesses of vital revenue and labour power. The recent lockdown in the UK forces call centre agents to stay home in suboptimal working conditions. Alongside this, the reduced custom in many areas is accompanied by a vast increase in telephone traffic. To survive and thrive, UK-based companies will need to dramatically lower costs and find new ways to increase customer satisfaction. Those dealing with increased demand in certain sectors need a to be able to augment their current staff. They must turn to one of the few labour markets still humming with activity – to call centre services in the Philippines.

To reduce expenditure, improve efficiency, and foster an outstanding experience for customers, call centre outsourcing to the Philippines is the ideal solution. Its high-end contact centre facilities give it the edge over countries with similarly low labour costs. As the global leader in business process outsourcing, the Philippines has had decades of work, investment, and experience put into building the efficient, high tech infrastructure and expertise needed to make its call centre services the best in the world.

An extremely favourable exchange rate means that Filipino employees can be paid as experts in their own currency while saving British clients the high cost for comparable quality back home. Once a colony of Spain, and then of the USA, the Philippines shares a cultural history with the west in a way rarely seen in similarly priced outsourcing destinations. Along with Filipino/English bilingualism and their unmatched quality of service, this makes the Filipinos the ideal contact agents for UK customers.

Acquisix has repeatedly proven itself to be the foremost partner for call centre outsourcing to the Philippines. SMEs will find highly trained and seasoned agents, using the absolute paramount of the already impressive Filipino contact centre facilities, all for an affordable price. Drawing from two decades of experience working with a breadth of different clients, the BPO giant has the most expertise to offer, the most senior staff, and the greatest wealth of skills to suit any particular client.

With the help of Acquisix, call centre outsourcing to the Philippines will provide SMEswith the operating efficiency, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction to expand and even prosper through the current crisis, and Acquisix is second to none.

Call Centre Philippines

A call centre handles almost all customer service problems in the UK. The services include credit card handling, appliances’ warranties, and flight cancellations, just to name a few. So companies commonly outsource a subdivision of their call centres to outside specialist countries. This has now become a business practice to contract out call centre services.
Companies outsource their call centres in order to save money and reduce costs. They consider it to be cost-effective, and that is why they do outsourcing in those countries where the cost of living is low. This is a smarter technique to pay their workers less. But to stay secured from any natural disaster, they need to make sure that they have strong telecommunication networks.

Why Should You Outsource your Call Centre to The Philippines?
There are three major reasons why you should outsource your call centres to the Philippines. These reasons are as follows:

• Reduce costs
• Handling by professionals
• Expert management of opportunities.

Many companies believe that outsourcing their call centres to the Philippines will lead to drastic effective results.

Reduce Costs:
To create a dedicated department with highly skilled professionals for telecommunication is extremely costly. For this, you need to ensure that you have all the high tech equipment in your telecommunication department to get the results more easily and efficiently. This will make the task easier to accomplish.

In big organizations, there are limited professionals at a particular time which results in the performance to be low at the peak time. Therefore, the amount paid will be unfair for the professionals as well as the company where the cost of living is high.
Therefore, call centre outsourcing to the Philippines is done to reduce the amounts to buy new equipment and software and, this will also decrease the cost of labour for the company. The company will be able to save money by reducing the major costs. The accumulated number of professional employees is also excessive.

Handling by Professionals: The difference in performance level will be pretty clear when you have an in-house contract, and when outsourcing is done. There are more chances of having experts and professionals in the call centre industry of the Philippines. They will have better knowledge and high experience on how to communicate and deal with the customers. They will know all the techniques on how to retain and engage the customers. These experts will have updated and latest equipment and software to ensure a perfect and a brilliant customer experience.

Expert Management of Opportunities: As call centres deal with a wide range of different customers, they are named as ‘Special service providers’. They need to make sure that they are always staying at the highest level on the curve. This then demands for opportunities and growth for skills development.
The main reasons that why Filipinos are required is that they come from a diverse cultural background since their workforce is mostly multicultural. They are then able to easily deal and satisfy different customers from almost all around the world. Secondly, they have fluency in speaking English, so they are able to serve the best customer services.